Consumer Contests

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Consumer contests in various forms are an important element not only of sales promotion. They help to increase short-term sales of the promoted product, however, a well-prepared contest has a much further and wider overlap beyond the place of sale. Contests are an instrument which on its own is able to generate content for other communication channels.

Contests serve to actively involve consumers in brand development, they increase brand visibility on the internet and especially on social media sites. Content created by customers has much bigger impact on the target group, than content created artificially by the client. Also because of that, a well-chosen concept and competition mechanism are some of the factors that determine success. Consumer contests gain a synergetic effect through attractive promotion at point of sale using short-term advertising campaigns across selected communication channels.

Experience of LOGIK company with complete design and execution of consumer contests "turn-key" style, ensure fulfilment of client's goals both in sales and in brand development.

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